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Emotions And Prophecy

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Emotions and prophecy? What? Do the two even relate?

Prophecy is predictive and revelatory in nature, offering a future and a hope that the recepients can relate with over time. This is likely to elicit certain emotional experiences for any individual, depending many factors.

Belief and Faith

Many religions seek to predict the future and hence many followers equally expect it. Anxiety is common for the recepients of a prophetic word as they anticipate its content. They hope for the best beneficial revelation that will assist them in their daily life engagements. Sometimes there is fear that the revelation may expose their weaknesses or bring with it bad news.

Experience with Prophecy

Persons who have received prophetic word that was fulfilled or not fulfilled wlll have faith or the lack of it. Anger and resentment, even sadness  is common in persons who have had a failed prophetic word. Happiness and contentment on the other hand will be expressed by those who who have had prophecy fulfilled before. 

Due Dilligence

Many individuals who receive a prophetic revelation get very excited about it. They quickly believe it but fail to perform requisite research on the matter in the relevant places. It is recommended that one should seek counsel on the prophecy received, with trusted men and women as well as with God. The excitement can quickly turn into dissapointment, anxiety and even cause fear.

Emotions and Prophecy

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