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I love you, just the way you are, because of who you are. You are unique and lovely, a sight to behold. You have what it takes to fulfill your greatness. You are who you are, there is no other. 

I love you because there is no other way around it, I must just love you. It is my duty and obligation, a responsibility cherished. I have no other way, in or out of this, but to love you.

There is joy and peace when I love you. Where would I be if did not genuinely love you? It melts my heart just to see where you are, who you have become and what awaits ahead. I value it more than pure silver or gold or even data. 

How would it be if I had no love for you? My name is love. It cannot be imagined nor fathomed, it is an impossibility. Having no love for you is like death. It would be meaningless and fruitless to be so. 

I don’t discriminate, I don’t hesitate and I sure don’t have anything but love for you. I don't hide it, nor dilute it. I have it in plenty and always ready. I give it, nurture it, fan it, protect it. 

I love you. I love you. I love you.

I love you

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