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Myth Vs Truth: Child Abuse Is Real

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                                   Myth Vs Truth: Child Abuse is Real

Myth: There is no love and affection in families where child abuse occurs.

Truth: Child abuse is many times inter-twined with family members who provide love and affection.

Myth: Children are usually molested by strangers.

Truth: Most children, both boys and girls, are abused by people well known to the child.

Myth: Adults who abuse children are always psychotic or retarded.

Truth: Adults who abuse children are normal people with criminal behavioural orientations.

Myth: Incest is a taboo in all cultures.

Truth: Incest is accepted in some cultures as a norm in religious and cultural practices.

Myth: Child abuse cannot happen in my family or community.

Truth: Child abuse can occur in any family or community regardless of its status.

Myth Vs Truth: Child Abuse is Real

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