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Prevent Femicide

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Preventing Femicide

Femicide, a heinous crime against the female gender must be prevented. It mostly occurs where the victim is in an intimate relationship with the aggressor but it can also be in robbery and other random acts of violence. Here are some recommendations by experts dealing with the issue every day.

  • Socialize all children, of both genders, to respect and honour all people, regardless of their gender or social status. When this begins at the earliest years, children grow to value all people and are less aggressive towards others.
  • Train all children, of both genders, to take responsibility for their actions and hold others accountable for theirs too, and so avoid being victimized and blamed by aggressors and society. Responsibility creates a standard that one has to keep and so likely to
  • Empower women and girls to speak out, reach out, call out and appropriately name experiences that amount to abuse and so receive the appropriate interventions.
  • Increase enforcement of laws that protect people against crime by increasing policing and empowering relevant bodies with tools to achieve efficient conviction of perpetrators.
  • Deconstruct the social construct of masculinity to re-order in with acceptable and responsible aspects, through dialogue, empowerment and active advocacy for change.
  • Hold all persons with critical information on any form of abuse against a person, accountable, to punish spectators of abuse.
  • Psycho-educate the general population on how to assist and participate in preventing femicide, from the individual and outward into the society.
  • Train professionals in the fields of medicine, law enforcement, education institutions and religious organizations, on how to respond to risk factors and indicators of potential femicide.
  • Develop standards of care for abused persons to allow them safe and progressive treatment processes that empower them to come out of abusive relations and contexts.


Prevent Femicide

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