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Why People Ignore You

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Do you know why people ignore you? Does this put you down? Here are a few things to look into if you feel ignored by people around you. In many ways, they revolve around selfishness.

  • Negativity and putting others down in your conversations with others.

  • Trying too hard to be liked and noticed by others.

  • Lack of self confidence in presenting yourself and communicating assertively to others.

  • Being too needy and dependent on other people.

  • Having little or no contribution in other people's lives

  • Being very argumentative, rigid and opinionated in dealing with others.

  • Being too casual and not serious about anything about other people.

  • Telling lies as a habit, even where one is not provoked to lie.

  • Some people may just not ike you for no particular reason and hence not dependent on you


Why People Ignore You

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