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Landing A Job Or Not

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Landing a job or not in today’s world is not just about sending in a resume and a cover letter. It is all about being creative, dynamic and patient. 


A job requires you to engage your mind and body in order to be fruitful and earn from it. With this in mind, the jobs are everywhere! Literally! It simply means that you can exert yourself in anything and make meaning out of it, including financial meaning. You need to let your creative juices flow and guide your thinking in creating, innovating or improving something. What would this mean for you?

Dynamic You

The world is always changing in how it is handling everyday life issues. You must also match this change, at least as far as those external things that are malleable. One key one is technology, which is the fastest changing resources that we have. Keeping up with it, as much as possible is an advantage to anyone seeking to find a job. Home offices, online jobs and e-learning has overtaken the traditional office and classroom setups. How have you changed in the last 90 days to match the changing world?


Everything works within a timeframe. It is important that you work within a timeline as you seek for a job. This allows you not to waste time, pursuing a non-existent opportunity or aiming at the wrong opportunity. It also is important to know that certain skills required for jobs require your time to develop and sharpen. Patience with yourself is very key in building the skill set, working through time lines and generally working towards being your own employer. How patient are you in general?

Reality Check!

In some regions or industries, there may be a limited number of job openings or a high level of competition for available positions. This can make it challenging for individuals to find suitable employment opportunities. Economic downturns or recessions can lead to a decrease in job openings, company layoffs, and increased competition for jobs. During such periods, the overall job market can become more competitive and result in longer job search durations for individuals. Unfortunately, discrimination and bias can also impact job search outcomes. Factors such as age, gender, race, disability, or other personal characteristics can sometimes lead to unfair treatment or bias in the hiring process.



Landing a job or not

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